Hieroglyphic Being ‎– Synth Expressionism/Rhythmic Cubism LP

Format: Vinyl

From groove to run-out this vinyl is a cosmic-avant-techno-jazz-banger.
Hieroglyphic Being reaches through the sonic history of his city on this record and reaches for Ra.

Featured in the Best of Electronic Music on Bandcamp in October, esteemed banger expert Joe Muggs waxed it right: "On The Corner has quickly built up an impressive catalog of records that smash the boundaries between jazz-centric music and ravey electronics. So Chicago’s endlessly prolific and exploratory Jamal Moss—aka Hieroglyphic Being—seems like a natural fit for the imprint. Sure enough, he’s turned in some glorious work for OTC, even by his high, weird standards. The title says it all: this is not just expressionistic, instinctual, from the guts and soul, but cubist, in the sense that every rhythm feels like you’re viewing it from multiple angles. Without wanting to come off too cosmic, it feels like these tracks exist in multiple timelines at once. All regularity is smashed apart, yet somehow it grooves: if Sun Ra made techno, you could imagine it sounding like this.