Dave De Rose, Dan Nicholls – Plants Heal LP 

Format: Vinyl

100 copies limited edition 12" black vinyl. Printed artworks on labels, black inner sleeve with holes on both sides and 3mm outer sleeve decorated by sticker + A4 paper print about the project including track listing & personnel details.

Long-time collaborators Dave De Rose & Dan Nicholls join forces channelling their love for ambient and dance music into this psychedelic-trip-shaped LP.
Emerging from their separate paths Dave & Dan syncronised at a time where they were both intuitively processing their rejection of mainstream music concepts. Deepening into awareness, their latest work delivers an inherent intensity, a reaching for emotive and natural connection to soundmaking, showcasing their impressionistic, gritty and textural musical statements through improvisation.
Armed with keyboards, samplers and a drum kit they spent two days immersing themselves into sound with meditative abandonment, capturing their creativity free from categorisation, taping every step taken in their boundless improvisational electro-acoustic playground.
'plants heal' is a small insight into these two days, the 6 tracks on this LP were shortlisted from 27 separately identified pieces of music edited down from Dave and Dan's hours of sonic outpourings.
These compositions outline an immersive journey of discovery, characterised by deep and contemplative atmospherics amongst spells of exhilarating energy which culminate into a peaceful healing zone.