Banda Maje - Fornellesse / Bianco rosso e verdone 7" 

FLIES 45-24
Format: Vinyl

More a family than a band, BANDA MAJE formed in a home studio in the historic district of Salerno, in Southern Italy, on the initiative of Peppe Maiellano (composer and keyboards) and Tonico Settanta (producer, rapper and DJ). The collective has an ever-changing number of members, all of whom – a bit like the lively port city they are from – exist at the crossroads between Italian melodies and imported genres like funk, soul and disco.

With a strong cinematic feel and an infectious funk groove, Banda Maje's first single "Fornellesse" is a great introduction to their forthcoming debut album "Ufo Bar", which transports you to a version of Salerno that combines local tradition and 70s pop and film culture.