Awkward Corners – Dislocation Songs LP

Format: Vinyl

‘With an exquisite vinyl library and expert lug’oles it would be impossible for Chris Menist’s music to take a wrong turn, but ever the trailblazer Dislocation Songs traverses an entirely new map altogether’ Andy Votel, Finders Keepers.

Early support from Gilles Peterson, BBC 6Music, Worldwide FM

Dislocation Songs was recorded over the past 3 years – on and off – in Chris Menist AKA Awkward Corners’ home studio. It started as a reaction to the UK post-2016’s Brexit vote and an emotional response to the negative direction the country is taking with regards to immigration, politics and social priorities. The record shifts between optimism and resignation. The recording process offered emotional catharsis, and a space to summarise feelings that can be hard to put into words. The record is a collection of textures, rhythms and tones touching on downtempo beats, devotional music and electronic sounds. Music you can even meditate to. Chris is joined for three tracks by Sarathy Korwar, who plays tablas in this setting.